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a minute of encouragement

Brought to you by God Just Wins and Rob Nelson

The Lord is calling out to us to come to Him. To know unconditional acceptance, true happiness, and complete rest. The question is, what is our response?


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Words Of Success - Talk Softly


Going into battle, would confidence soar? Would victory be guaranteed? Carrying the mindset that you will crush-it is required


God doesn’t approach evil with ‘maybe this will work,’ or ‘I’ll try and do this.’ Rather, He comes at satan with ferocity. The kind of wrath in nature when a tornado touches ground, or tsunami hits land.


This is what God places in us! God’s power that will crush anything that stands in your way!


Exodus 15 verse 6 says, “Your right hand, O Lord, is glorious in power; Your right hand, O Lord, shatters the enemy.”


“Jesus, I want to pursue success as Your Warrior! Deploying your might and strength to overcome any challenge, to destroy any opponent that satan plants in my way. Trusting You! Love you Jesus, Amen!”

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