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a minute of encouragement

Brought to you by God Just Wins and Rob Nelson

The Lord is calling out to us to come to Him. To know unconditional acceptance, true happiness, and complete rest. The question is, what is our response?


KWVE 107.9

Drain The Drama


Discouragement is fueled by drama. The nitpickers that peck away, the gossipers that whisper, and the naysayers that focus on why things are impossible all to stir up chaos and create discouragement


Choose to step-up, step-over, and step-around any drama. Just rise above! Don't get sucked in. Apply an old saying, 'Not my circus, not my monkeys! 'Don't allow your time, energy, or resources to be depleted by drama.

Hebrews 12:1 says, "Since we have such a great cloud of witnesses surrounding us. Let's throw off any extra baggage, get rid of the sin that trips us up."

"Jesus, I'm giving all the drama in my life over to You! Protect me from those that only bring chaos. Help me depend on You, the perfector of peace! Love You, Jesus, Amen!"

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