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a minute of encouragement

Brought to you by God Just Wins and Rob Nelson

The Lord is calling out to us to come to Him. To know unconditional acceptance, true happiness, and complete rest. The question is, what is our response?


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Balance Yourself


How do you care for yourself? Are you in balance or are you managing all the demands of life under the idea of 'give, give, give, never take, give' kind of self-sacrifice? Always saying yes, denying your own fatigue?

Drained, overwhelmed, worn-out, worn down, doesn't fight discouragement. Live like Jesus and take care of yourself. Love balanced to overcome discouragement and perform.

Jesus knew to live balanced. Disciplined to take time by Himself to rest, replenish, and refuel. He knew He needed to rest to be His best.

1 Corinthians 9:25 says, "Everyone who strives for the prize exercises self-control in all things."

"Jesus, Help me live balanced! To say 'No' and know when to say 'No!' Help me care for myself to deliver my highest and best! Love You, Jesus, Amen!"

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