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a minute of encouragement

Brought to you by God Just Wins and Rob Nelson

The Lord is calling out to us to come to Him. To know unconditional acceptance, true happiness, and complete rest. The question is, what is our response?


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Breaking Boundaries - True To God's Design



We are designed by God to perform, to fight, to overcome, and break boundaries at every turn. And yet, we're the ones that get in our own way with self-imposed restrictions and negative talk tracks. STOP!


We're armed with His strength for battle. "He is the God who avenges me, who subdues nations under me, who saves me from my enemies". We need to raise expectations. To reach for what others deem impossible. To overcome any disaster, disease, or distraction that stands in our way. With God, anything is possible!

Psalm 18:32-34 says, "It is God who arms me with strength...He trains my hands for battle."


"Jesus, Help me get out of the way of myself. I'm trusting that anything is possible. Love you, Jesus, Amen!"

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