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a minute of encouragement

Brought to you by God Just Wins and Rob Nelson

The Lord is calling out to us to come to Him. To know unconditional acceptance, true happiness, and complete rest. The question is, what is our response?


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Conquering Loss

Loss can seem unbearable. I've seen many frozen in grief. Memories shattered, dreams evaporated, and all met with an unimaginable fatigue. You don't know how you'll survive but good news, God does!


Loss is like getting tossed into an ocean storm. Gulping for air between waves of grief up until the moment you finally feel your feet brush sand, and only then you know you will survive.

Psalm 18:2 says, "My God is my rock, in Whom I am safe. He is my safe-covering, my saving strength, and my strong tower."


 Jesus, my heart feels broken! All I know is ripped away, except for You! Satan cannot destroy the memories of good, the days of joy. Keep my focus on these and on You. Love You, Jesus, Amen!"

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