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'who i am in christ'

  How does your profile read? Of the many networking sites, LinkedIn is a social network that not only displays people's work history but the many qualifications they hold. 'Overperformer,' 'effective communicator,' 'self-driven,' the list of skillsets without blemish goes on and on. And always in sharp contrast to satan's descriptive words of who we are.

  It takes discipline and a daily regimen to focus on how God sees us. There's a constant battle going on in our minds between how people describe you, how you describe yourself, how satan describes you, and how God describes you. An ongoing tug-a-war with satan pushing you towards the negative and Jesus pulling you towards what's positive, and good, and right.

  This series focuses on our true identity. How God Himself defines us. In those moments where life is heavy when you feel unloved or alone, we need to remind ourselves who Christ says we are. How He constantly pours affirmations over us with His grace and love. More than anyone, more than whom the world says we are, and more than satan's lies of who we are, Christ knows our true identity.


"Jesus, You designed me, You created me! Only You truly knows who I am. Thank You for naming me as Your child! Whenever I'm down and whenever I struggle, remind me to only look to You for my real identity! I love you Jesus, Amen!"

Galatians 3:26 (CEB)

"You are all God's children through faith in Christ Jesus."

2 Timothy 2:19 (CEB)

"God's solid foundation is still standing with this sign: The Lord knows the people who belong to Him."


Romans 1:6 (CEB)

"You who are called by Jesus Christ."

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