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Coaching and Speaking


  Rob Nelson is a coach, in sports,  business, and life. As a former professional athlete, a community of people, parents, coaches, and mentors, collectively poured into his life to shape who he is. Inspiring performance by constantly reaching for the unimaginable and accountability to course correct when decisions or circumstances led him astray. As a result, Rob leads others with inspiration and aspiration to pursue the impossible.

  Rob's love for Christ is found in his guidepost verse, "Though you do not see him now, you trust him; and you rejoice with a glorious, inexpressible joy."  1 Peter 1:8          

  Rob extends a message as an optimist and joy-giver. His family has faced the darkest life moment with their daughter Haley's teenage suicide, he understands hardship and tragedy. And yet through it all, he stands strong, not defeated. He's overwhelmingly inspired, not discouraged. He's single-focused on the victories that rise out of the ashes of tragedy and is inspired to lead others toward the highest levels of hope and encouragement.

  Rob was born on March 11, 1960, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is a coach, author, pastor, and business executive but of most importance to him is the fact that he's a dad to both children, one serving the US in Special Warfare and the second ahead of him in Heaven, and a husband to his wife, Debra Nelson.


  With his wife, he established 'God Just Wins,' a daily broadcast of faith-based messages to live life inspired and hopeful, despite any challenges. He is a resource for numerous speaking engagements in part focused on:

  • Life Empowerment

  • Resilience Training

  • Sustaining Success

  • Overcoming the Limiters

  • Conquering Loss


  A couple of books Rob has authored include: 'The Armor'-A Journey of Resilient Optimism and 'God Just Wins'-A Warrior's Devotional.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

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