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The Armor

A Journey of Resilient Optimism

This book is the story of our journey. Starting from when our world imploded with the loss of our 17 year old daughter. Teaspoon, fondly nicknamed "Teaspoon" was tricked by satan into suicide. Tragedy in its most graphic form as we held our daughter at the end of her life, and the launch of our lives forever changed. Our story is told through the eyes of my wife Debra, our son Tate, and myself as we each faced grief in the mightiest ways, wrestled with every facet of life, and continued to face one tragic loss after another. Woven throughout our story were the constants of our faith, our hope, our sense of optimism, and our choice to fight on with our family intact and together. It's truly a journey of resilient optimism with an unbelievable number of victories that have risen out of the ashes of tragedy. A super compelling, super inspiring testimonial of facing life's giants and overcoming, all the while keeping an unyielding faith is Christ.

God Just Wins

A Warriors Manuel

This devotional is the "best of collection' of writings first launched on social media. The daily message is solely focused on living life staring at what's right versus focusing on what's wrong. My passion for coaching and encouraging was the foundation for these daily writings but I did not realize the common thirst for positivity throughout the world. In just 18 months following its launch 'God Just Wins' was reaching 1.8 million people around the world! A phenomenal response revealing that Rob's second book was already authored. This book's purpose is to address the common challenges we all face. Whether grief, or loss, anxiety, or conflict, failure or success, inspirational messages on how to move forward with hope and enthusiasm, and living life as an optimist!

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