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The Now Impact

Welcome to THE NOW IMPACT podcast, where we're on a mission to pump up your motivation, and help you crush your goals! We're not just another podcast. In this corner of the internet, you've got a community that's got your back. We're all about helping you level up your game, discover that superhero strength within, and become the ‘Ambassador of Positivity’ that the world needs right now.

So, let's dive in headfirst! Together we’ll be the change! Together, we'll unveil the boundless potential that's been hiding in plain sight! Together, we'll light up YOUR path to a life that's not just brighter but seriously fulfilling! Get ready to rock this journey . . . the best is yet to come!


Brought to you by

God Just Wins

God Just Wins Drives Living A Life Of Optimism, As God Designed.

The purpose of God Wins is to simply encourage others to choose "better". To focus on what's right, instead of staring at what's wrong. Chose a life of optimism. God Just Wins encourages others to do the same, despite any circumstances past or present.


Rob Nelson, a former professional athlete, is the driving force behind God Just Wins. With a passion for encouraging others to expand their boundaries in God's Kingdom, Rob draws from the influence of coaches and mentors who shaped his own life. As an accomplished writer, he shares messages of optimism and hope through his daily blog, "God Just Wins," reaching audiences worldwide.

Rob's dedication to athletics extends to endurance ventures and charitable campaigns, such as the 1400-mile "Cycle to Seattle" for World Vision and the "Freedom Quest Challenge." Above all, Rob's mission is to inspire individuals to embrace God's greatest plans for their lives, as evident in his enduring marriage and family life in Dana Point.

Born and raised in California, Andre spent two decades in San Diego, dedicating the last 20 years to the Naval Special Warfare. With five deployments under his belt, including multiple missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, he ventured to Washington, D.C., for his studies at the National Intelligence University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Intelligence Studies. Some of Andre’s experience includes special operations, curriculum development, intelligence analysis, and education.

As retirement loomed, he pursued a new path, completing a Master's in Business at USC through the Veterans program. Andre’s interests encompass learning, technology, fitness, and mental health.

Married to his wife for 23 years, Andre’s and his wife’s relationship has been tested and continues to this day. Over the last 15 years, he delved into understanding the mental and emotional toll of war veterans. 15 years of research and healing transformed him, prompting him to share his insights on mental, emotional, and neurological issues affecting veterans and couples. Andre remains dedicated to healing, Learning and knowledge-sharing.

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